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Giridih College, Giridih

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Name Ali Imam Khan
Gender Male
Date of Birth 24.03.1952
Marital Status Married
Nationality Indian
Father's Name Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan
Present place of posting with designation Principal, Giridih College, Giridih
Present Mailing Address Principal, Giridih College, Sirsia, Giridih-815302, Jharkhand
Permanent Mailing Address Ali Gunj, Road no. 16 A, Gaya-820001, Bihar
Mobile No. 9431151332
Email drkhan.principal@gmail.com
Adhaar Card No. 395826939570


Academic Experience (Teaching)


Asst. Prof, BS City College Bokaro - 12 years

Asst. Prof, BS City College Bokaro - 7 Years

Professor*/Principal, Sindri College, Sindri PKRM College, Dhanbad, JJ College, Jhumari Telaiya, Giridih College, Giridih - 20 Years


Academic Qualification:

Educational Qualification Board/ University Year % Marks Division
Matric Bihar Scholl Examination Board Patna 1967 74% 1st Class
Intermediate MU Bodh Gaya 1969 56% Pass
Graduation MU Bodh Gaya 1971 65% 1st Class with Distinction
Post Graduation MU Bodh Gaya 1973 65% 1st Class
Ph.D MU Bodh Gaya 1986   Fluid Mechanics, Application of Finite element Technique on the Problems of ViSCAS FLOW



SL Name of post Priod of Service
1 Principal 26 Sep 1994 and still continuing, more than 20 yrs
2 Bursar 1987-1993 = 6 yrs
3 Any other Annexure I to I (A)


Publication, Participation & Research

1 Participation in National Sminar/ Symposium/ Conference etc attach list.  :Annexure III
2 Participation in International Sminar/ Symposium/ Conference etc attach list.  :Annexure IV
3 Research Work, List Projects, duration, role & source of funds (if any) Ph.D under Teacher fellowship Scheme of UGC Co-Guide


1. Worked as Centre Superintendent in RU, Coordinator, Vacation-in-Charge, In charge of different committees such as Sports, Athletics, Cultural Socity etc. Bursar & Prof In Charge prior to 1994.

2. As Principal under Vinoba Bhave University Since 26.09.1994.

3. Member of Senate, Syndicate, Academic Council, Sports Control Board, Art & Culture Board, University Publication Division, University Discipline Committee for Student Facilities, Director of Evaluation & Tabulation Centre, Board of Studies, Interview Board, Different Enquiry Committee & a large number of other Committees of the University such as University Development Council, Research Council, Students Union Advisory Board, B.Ed. Cell, Committee for vocational Courses, Planning & Evaluation Committee, Academic Calendar, Affiliation Committee, Post Creation & Absorption Committee, and Committee for Sports Policy etc.

4. As UR (University Representative) / Secretary of the Governing body of several colleges.

5. Controlling Officer VBU Extension Counter, PK Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad.

6. Jharkhand Academic Council: - Representative of the Governing Body of different inter Colleges under JAC.

7. Coordinator, PG Centre, PK Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad.



        Social and Cultural Activities:-

1. Associated with a number of social and cultural activities through Non - Government Voluntary Organizations.

2. Worked as of ice bearer of Professional Organizations for several years.

3. Honorary Advisory Editor of Uttara-a literary Magazine and Chief Editor of Manthan

4. Social Audit for MNREGA.

5. National Vice - President for Association of Indian College Principal.

6. Member of UGC feed Back Commitee for Eastern Region.

7. Member of High Power Committe for Higher Education constituted by HRD Ministry, Govt. of Jharkhand.

8. Elected Member VBU Finance Commitee.

9. Jharkhand State President of Janwadi Lekhak Sangh.

10. Chairman - Education Committee of Jharkhand Gyan Vigyan Samiti.

11. Main Speaker in a Session of Annual Conference of Rashtriya Hindi Academy (ROOPAMBARA) AT pORT bLAIR (2006) AND gOPALPUR-ON-SEA (2007)

12. Organised Several National Seminar in the College.

13. Organised Lecture Series in the College.

14. Actively participated in social audit /people hearing for MNREGA in koderma and Dhanbad District.

15. Participated in Pad Yatra along with students, teachers and social activist from Dhanbad to Giridih for five days in January 2011.

16. President- Science for Society, Jharkhand.



        List of Publications related to Socio Cultural and literary field

1. Editor of BS City College Magazine "ALOK" in 1975-76

2. Some Curio Irrational Numbers in "ALOK" in 1975-76.

3. Interview Based on New Education Policy 1984 - A Plan of Action in uttra 1988-89.

4. BT Ranadive 'A pioneer of Worker's Movement of India in Souvenir' 2004 released on occasion of centenary celebration.

5. प्रेमचंद जनता का लेखक , जनता के पक्ष में, जनता के बीच, इस्पात भर्ती सितम्बर २००५

6. आचार्य महावीर प्रसाद दिवेदी की कसौटी पर भाषा एवं साहित्य, इस्पात भर्ती २००६

7. Emerging trends in Higher Education of Jharkhand and its relevance to value-based Education in Souvenir on the Occasion of Seminar Organized by ABVP in 2006

8. प्रेमचंद जनता का लेखक , उतरा जून २००६

9. प्रेम और विद्रोह का कवि पाब्लो निरुद्, जुलाई २००६

10. आज़ादी के साथ साल पर टिपणी, प्रभात खबर, दैनिक १४ अगस्त २००७

11. धनबाद कैसे बने सिटी ऑफ़ होप, प्रभात खबर, दैनिक १३ अप्रैल २००७

12. Impact of Globalization on People's Health The Dainik Jagran 13th Feb 2007.

13. धनबाद मेरी नज़र में, सिरजण ५०, २००७

14. आज के सन्दर्भ में कल के फैसले और विकास की धरा , संधान २००७

15. झारखंड का विकास, समसय एवं संभवनाय उतरा, जनुअरी २००७

16. संगर्ष, सपना, जनादेश और सरकार , संपादकीय प्रीस्ट, हिंदुस्तान दैनिक, 28 दिसंबर २००९

17. मखदूम की शायरी में सामाजिक पहलु, उतरा के लिए स्वीकार्य

18. Higher Education : A Powerful Medium of People's Empowerment and Social Change (Accepted for Publication in College News)

19. BGVS : A Movement for Empowerment of People (Accepted for Publication in BGVS Journal)

20. Higher Education : A Brief Comment (The Hindustan Times)

21. Obituary to kaifi Azmi in the Prabhat Khabar.

22. A Number of Papers Presented in Seminar on Education, Planning and Development.

23. Contours of National Integration : An issue of Social Plurality and cohesiveness.

24. Issues, Challenges and strategic in Higher Education.

25. The question of Inclusive Growth and sustainable Development.

26. Chief Editor for Souvenir and Journal of National Seminar on Philosophy of Love.

27. Chief Editor for Souvenir and Journal of National Seminar on Significance of Hind Swaraj in Modern World.

28. Presided over a Session of National Seminar on Hindi Novels in the Last Decade of the 20th Centuary.

29. Presided over Technical Sessions in National Seminars on Different Topics.

30. Participated in Workshop on Vision of Development in Jharkhand, Organised by World Bank.

31. Participated in the Meeting Regarding Development of Dhanbad, Convened by Commissioner, North Chhotanagpur.

32.Editorials in Literary Magazine, Manthan, Published from Dhanbad.

33. Presided over technical session on Bio-Technology in 3rd Bihar Science Congress, Jointly organized by Bihar Brain Scholastic Centre and Gaya College in 2010.

34. Montu ki Afsanon ki Dunya (in hindi & urdu)

35. Santhal Culture and Religion- The Process of Change and Adaptation.

36. The Question of Intensive Growth and Sustainable Development.

37. Terrorism: Its Socio- Cultural Implications.

38. Issues, Challenges and Strategies in Higher Education.

39. Contours of National Integration: An Issue of social plurality and cohesiveness.

40. Right to Education Act: Its implication in Higher Education.

41. Foreign Education Institution (FBI) Bill: Its impact on Higher Education in Indian system.

42. Structural changes in Higher Education: Dimensions and complexities Published in College News.



Participation in National Seminar, Symposium, Conferences Orientation / Refresher Courses:-

1. Annual Conference of Indian National Science Congress at BHU, Varanasi.

2. National Symposium on Mathematics at BHU, Varanasi.

3. Several Seminar/Symposium  on Education.

4. Orientation Course on Distance Education sponsored by IGNOU.

5. Orientation Course at NIEPA (National Institute of Education Planning and Administration), New Delhi for Three weeks during 1994-95.

6. National Seminar on Vocational Education at NIEPA.

7. National Seminar on Women's Empowerment sponsored by UGC at VBU Hazaribagh.

8. National Seminar on Environment - Damodar Basin, Sponsored by UGC at VBU, Hazaribagh.

9. National Seminar on Higher Education in 21st century in Annual Conference of All India College Principal Forum during 1999-2000.

10. Presided over a session of 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th Annual conference of Association Indian College Principal in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 at Coimbatore, Akola, Chandigarh & Mysore respectively.

11. Executive Development Programme at Pune for a week.

12. Participate in National Assembly on Education in Calicut.

13. Presided over a session in National Seminar on Problem of Teaching English to Under graduate Students of Jharkhand at Sindri on 14-15th March 2010.

14. Presided over a session in National Seminar on National Integration : Old and New bearing at PK Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad in Sept. 2011.

15. Presided over a session in National Seminar on "Two Decades of Economics Reform " in Sept. 2011 at PK Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad.

16. Presided over a session in National Seminar on Education at Al iqra Teacher's Training college, Govindpur in Nov. 2011.

17. Presided over a session of AIPSN conference at Trissur (Kerala) on Empowerment of marginalized section of Society in 2011.

18. Resource person for Jharkhand State Children's Science Congress at CIMFR, Dhanbad in Nov 2011.

19. NAAC sponsored National Workshop on Improving Quality of Teaching and Learning in Class Rooms.

20. National Seminar on water management in the service of Mankind sponsored by UGC as Chairman-organising committee at JJ College, Jhumri Telaiya.

21. Preceded over the session on the tope " Academic Autonomy of Higher Education at Cron-road to-day"


Participation in International Seminar, Symposium, Conferences Orientation / Refresher Courses:-

a) International Conference on Higher Education for Human Development Jointly sponsored by UGC, AIU, British Council & Jamia Hamdard during 1999-2000. Besides these, a host of conferences, seminar and symposia.

b) World conference on Human Rights organized by Deppt. of Sociology of Barkatullah university, Bhopal.

c) Participated in World Health Assembly in Dhaka.