Giridih College

Dr. Ajay Murari - Principal, Giridih College, Giridih. Mobile Number - 9431366034


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Phone Number

number  9431144457





Teaching Staff                    With Full Detail, Separate Sub Domain for each Teaching Staff

Photo Name Desig nation Quali fication Subject Cate gory Date of birth Date Of Joining Exp Mobile Email

Sub Domain

Dr. Ajay Murari Principal in Charge             9431366034

Not Avalaible

Dr. M N Singh Bursar P.hD British Novel & American Lit.         9470146865 Not Avalaible
Sujit Kumar Asst Prof. MA, B.Ed, M.Ed Soc. Sc. (Geogaphy) OBC 07.03.81 28.07.12 6 years 9234248666 Not Avalaible
Arunima Singh Asst Prof. MA, B.Ed, M.Ed Hindi ST 14.09.74 06.02.18 9 years 8969047174  
Reetu Sundi Asst Prof. M Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed Math ST 19.11.87 17.10.14 3 yrs 9608715818 Not Avalaible
Jay Kumar Asst Prof. B. PEd, M.PEd Health & Phy. Education OBC 22.02.83 20.08.14 4 yrs 8409069917 Not Avalaible
Sri Bandhan Oraon Asst Prof. MA, B.Ed, M.Ed, NET Perspective In Education ST 15.01.82 04.08.16 6 yrs


  Not Avalaible
Prof Vinita Kumari Asst Prof. MA, B.Ed, M.Ed, ESE (Diploma in nursing) Language (Hindi) BC -II 01.03.81 04.08.16 6 years 9955331010 Not Avalaible
Mrs Asha Kumari Rajwar Asst Prof. MA, B.Ed, M.Ed Soc. Sc. (Home Sc.) SC 15.03.67 05.08.16 1 yrs 9102932206   Not Avalaible
Sri Dharmendra Kumar Verma Asst Prof. MA, M.Ed, NET, PGDGC Perspective In Education GEN 01.12.90 09.08.16 2 yrs 9415217910 Not Avalaible
Dr. Rajnish Kumar Asst Prof. MA, B.Ed, M.Ed,NET, Ph.D Perspective In Education GEN 17.08.74 13.08.16 11 yrs 9415813205   Not Avalaible