Giridih College

Dr. Ajay Murari - Principal, Giridih College, Giridih. Mobile Number - 9431366034

Email [email protected] .


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Phone Number

number  Contact number - 9431366034



email [email protected]


About Us

History -


Vision -

• Academic Freedom To Create Environment For Intellectual Engagement 

• Institutional Autonomy

• To Ensure Access to Quality Education With Equity And Relevance

• To Develop competence level of Students

• Non-discrimination on the basis of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Cast, Region, Language and Gender


Mission -

To Promote Quality Education for Women

To Provide Quality Education to First Generation Learner of Ruler Area of Backward District

To Take Steps for Purposeful placement of Students

To Develop Students as a Sensitive, Responsive and Responsible Citizen with Commitment to the Society

To Develop Sciencetific temper and outlook in the Students



•To Get cent Percent Result
•To Engage the Students in Extension Programme to Develop the Close Relationship With the Society
•To Ensure Capacity Building and Skill Development of Students
•Motivation of Students for Participation in “Know your People , Know your Country”
•To Enhance the work efficiency of the Student.
•To Make Students more Creative and innovative