Giridih College

Dr. Ajay Murari - Principal, Giridih College, Giridih. Mobile Number - 9431366034

Email [email protected]

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Phone Number

number  9431366034



email  [email protected]


Teaching Staff                    With Full Detail, Separate Sub Domain for each Teaching Staff



Teacher's Name


Designation / Department


Qualification Specialisation

Mobile Number




Blood Group

Academic & Career Record


(Sub Domains)

Dr. Ashok Principal in Charge M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD Physical Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry 9431144457


[email protected] AB+



Dr. Ajay Murari       9431366034 [email protected]    
Dr. Samir Sarkar

Associate Prof. Head of Deppt of Mathematics

Professor in Charge- II

M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Boundry Layer Theory and Operations Research 9934391020 [email protected]


Mr. Q Ansari Lecturer (SG) Deppt. of Mathematics Buursar II M.Sc Relativity and Differential Geometry 9534057980 [email protected]    
Dr. Umeshwer Singh Assist Prof MA, Ph.D Ancient History 8969233995   AB+  
Dr. D G Neogi Asst Prof. MA, Ph.D Rabindranath 9431337261 [email protected] A+  
Dr. A K Pandit Assistant Professor Dept of Hindi MA, PhD Natak aur Rangmanch 9431196332 [email protected] B+  
Dr. Anuj Kumar Assistant Professor

(Senior Scale)

MA, Ph.D, B.Ed, LLB Ritikal ka sarwaksham 9470117953 [email protected] O+  
Dr. M N Singh Asst Prof. English P.hD British Novel & American Lit. 9470146865 [email protected] B+  
Mr. Balendu Shekhar Tripathi Asst Prof. Pol. Science MA State government and politics 9430701434 [email protected] O+  

Smt Rajni Kumari Asst. Prof.


MA Economics dev grouth and planning 9431993409 [email protected] A+  
Mr. S R Barnwal Asst. Prof. Geography MA, LLB Regional Planning Geology 9570111949   O+  
Dr. Anil kr. Singh Choudhary Asst. Prof. Commerce M.Com, Ph.D LSW 9431997503 [email protected] B+  
Mr. Omkar Choudhary Asst. Prof. Zoology M.Sc Ichthyology & Inland fisheries 9835776461   O+  
Mr. Mithlesh Kumar Asst. Prof. Geology M.Sc Coal and oil 9430123788   B+  
Mr. Subal Chandra Singh Asst. Prof. Botany B.Sc (hon) M.Sc Plant Physiology 8986626533   B+  
Mr. C S Pd Sinha Demonstrator Botany B.Sc 1978 8986605365 B+
Mr. Shailendra Kumar Demonstrator  Physics M.Sc (physics) Light & Sound 9546474087   AB+  


Contractual Basis

Dr.  Mousmi Singh Asst. Prof. P.hD  NET Hindi 8945028489 [email protected] B+  
Mrs Sushila Chandra Asst. Prof. P.hD(Pursuing)  NET Philosophy 9060343591 [email protected] A+  
Shweta Kumari Asst. Prof. M.Phil  NET Social Anthropology 9334369393 [email protected] B+  
Dr. Alok Kumar Asst. Prof. Ph.D Development Anthropology 9431388055


[email protected] O+  
Soumen Chandra Asst. Prof. P.hD  NET Physical Chemistry 8250430594 [email protected] B+  
Ghulam Samdani Asst. Prof. P.hD  NET/JRF URDU 9650211794 [email protected] B+  
Raj Kumar Verma Asst. Prof. M.phil + NET/JRF International Relations 9193498010 [email protected] AB+  
Dr Prabhash Mani Pathak Asst. Prof. Ph.D Entomology 9431570625 [email protected] O+  
Dr. Mashrique Jahan Asst. Prof. M.Phil  Ph.D English 9973031386 [email protected] B+  


Visiting Teacher

Aditya Besra Asst. Prof. NET Santhali 9939539930 [email protected] A+